Patti Smith – Artistic Muse For Our Time

I love the momentum that swirls about Patti Smith as her artistic muse gathers collective energy. We become swept along in a mystical undertow that bathes us in warm, foamy waves of surf and sandy beach. Patti Smith radiates a wonderful aura of light interpreted through her varuousartistic mediums, music, writing, art and poetry. Its a sheer delight to dance along with our artistic muse in total spontaneity. Patti Smith nurtures in us new levels of cerebral intelligence with her gift of art this holiday season.

Where do I begin to define the essence of her latest happenings as I unveil some of Patti Smith activities in late December 2009/ January 2010 and beyond….

I’ll commence with her 63rd birthday on December 30th, PBS is airing on POV (Point of View) the documentary filmed so lovingly, Dream of Life. Steven Sebring spent 11 years capturing Patti Smith’s life for us to witness in an unveiled, revelatory fashion.

If you love art exhibits be sure to include in your travels the newly announced Patti Smith and Steven Sebring art exhibition Objects of Life that will take place from January 6th through February 6th, 2010 at the Robert Miller Gallery, 524West 26th Street, New York City, NY.

Patti Smith’s new book Just Kids becomes available on January 19th, 2010. Patti Smith will be promoting her book extensively January through the end of March in 2010.

For a complete itinerary of Patti Smith’s 2010 global appearances go to her Web site.

Patti Smith MP3 interviews on WNYC.

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