Patti Smith, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, A Salute to Robert Frank, An Artist and a Friend

My wife and I attended the Patti Smith concert at The Metropolitan Museum of Art(The MET) on Saturday October 17th, 2009. It was an evening of pure enchantment.


I wanted to share with you some of the images from our day at  The MET. As time and schedule allows I will update this blog post with further thoughts, observations from this day of connecting with Robert Frank, Black & White, The Americans Exhibit, Patti Smith, the music, the poetry and a Robert Frank film we also attended, Me and My Brother.

One thing I learned actively about yesterday was contrast, how Robert Frank uses that technique in his photography. When Patti mentioned she had dressed in black & white for the occasion I flashed on the contrast below.

Americans 79 Chicago 1956

The Americans 79 Chicago 1956 pattismith046e

I was hearing the song Gloria whilst I found my way to my seat in the Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium for the concert. What really struck me was that I had just seen earlier in the exhibit on the second floor, the picture of this car with the saying in the back window, “Christ Died For Our Sins”. I immediately flashed on the contrast as I heard, playing in my head, the line Patti sings in Gloria,Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine”. It all seemed to fit together so perfectly after that, Patti Smith, Robert Frank’s photograph, contrast, Robert Mapplethorpe’s photograph of Patti, Catholicism and my love of music 🙂


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