Gov’t. Mule, The Ives Center July 26th, 2008

I flat out love Gov’t. Mule. Last night they played outdoors at the Ives Concert Park, in Danbury, CT., closing out the 2008 Summer Concert Series in grand fashion.

This is the third time I have witnessed Gov’t. Mule perform live their unque brand of jam band music. Each time I hear them play they get more cosmic, innovative and taking the art of improvisation to a new level.

I want to thank my sister-in-law for winning the tickets for us at Charter Cable, one of the Ives Center 2008 corporate sponsors. My brother-in-law and I always enjoy seeing Gov’t. Mule play live, its become an annual tradition for us.

If you have never been to the Charles Ives Center for the Arts in Danbury on the Western Connecticut State College campus try to do so. It is a beautiful scenic location with great acoustics. The bandshell has behind it a frog pond and the front row is surrounded by a moat, separating the artist and the stage.

Photos By Dino

What truly amazes me about Gov’t. Mule is their combined sound live. I interpret them as a rock jazz ensemble who know just when to seque, rock steady and just mesh tightly. They have so much fun playing in unison, they have an incredible sense of feel.

Favorite songs of the night were The Shape I’m In (The Band’s classic) done in dub, Presence of the Lord (Blind Faith, yep) Reggae Sunshine, Lively Up Yourself and Mule.

The encore featured the Muddy Waters classic I Feel Like Going Home which segued perfectly into a bombastic edition of Led Zeppelin’s How Many More Times (Years).

I can’t wait to download the Mule Tracks of this show later this week 🙂

Rose Hill Drive opened for Gov’t. Mule and I must say I liked them a great deal. A rock power trio who played with a deep strength and conviction.

Photos by Dino

David Sproul, Rose Hill Drive’s lead guitarist later joined Warren Haynes and the Mule on a knock out rendition of Cortez The Killer which closed out the Mule’s first set.

Photos bu Dino

I want to especially thank newly discovered music photographer extraordinaire Dino Perrucci for allowing me to share his photography with you. Please visit his Web site and look at his fantastic body of work. Dino has a keen eye in portraying live concert performance.

So, Gov’t. Mule until I see you in concert again, be well, have a great summer tour, stay safe. I’ll be smiling at ya for the songs you played in Danbury, CT at The Ives and thinking one thing, Where’s My Mule? 🙂

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