Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog – Party Intellectuals

I want to tell you about a new recording by a trio of NY City musicians named Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog. The CD is entitled Party Intellectuals. If you like experimental rock music with a distinct edge that challenges and entertains you in the same breath, this will be the recording to own and learn more about through each subsequent listen.

I have their CD on order awaiting a full listening to write a comprehensive review. Browse over to Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog’s record label, PiRecordings to sample the three tracks currently available, Todo es Mundo el Kitsch, When We Were Young and We Were Freaks (love that song title, Man ;), and Girlfriend.

Pi Recordings is a great collective of avant-garde artists that are making important contributions with sound and composition, breaking new ground as they flourish in their creative environment.

Marc Ribot played lead guitar on the brilliant collaboration of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Raising Sand that T Bone Burnett produced. Yes that’s Marc’s guitar featured prominently on the Grammy award hit Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On) 😉



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