Journey – Reborn

Journey - Revelation

My music attention, as it relates to rock and roll, has been pleasantly diverted back to Journey and their comeback bid with the CD entitled Revelation. I watched with great interest the segment about Journey on yesterday’s CBS Sunday Morning broadcast. Let me first of all say I like Journey alot, the band was founded by Gregg Rollie and Neal Schon in 1972 when they “got pregnant with their own vision” as Carlos Santana would say about band members leaving Santana.

Revelation is a 2 CD/1 DVD package that consists of 11 new recordings, 11 re-recorded hits and a DVD of their live Las Vegas, Nevada March 8, 2008 concert at Planet Hollywood. This concert was the first ever live U.S. appearance of the new and improved Journey band, which features the powerful vocals of Arnel Pineda, their new lead singer from the Phillipines (I love that Neal Schon discovered Arnel by conducting YouTube searches, it’s a fairy tale come true for all involved).

The only rub for me about the distribution of Revelation which begins tomorrow June 3rd is that retail purchase is exclusive with Wal*mart. (you can order the CD/DVD from Journey’s MusicToday Store, along with other merchandising options) This is the route that The Eagles took and it is what supergroups are doing these days. I have a Zune account and would love to add Revelation to my collection tomorrow, but thats not how I can order and receive it. Bands like Journey and The Eagles do have marketing clout and significant fan bases that allow them to distribute their music and art with Wal*Mart and MusicToday exclusively. I don’t blame them for simplifying and maximizing their distribution options. We as consumers begrudgingly learn how to adapt to the limited choices of how we can purchase music from artists we love and respect.

Journey kicks off a world tour beginning June 8th in Spain. The USA dates commence July 9th in Colorado. The USA dates will be a triple bill, featuring the new Journey, Heart and Cheap Trick. It appears many of the dates are sold out already.

So check out the new Journey CD Revelation and Don’t Stop Believin’.

P.S. Sam’s Club has Revelation for $10.87 😉

2 Replies to “Journey – Reborn”

  1. My first impressions of Journey’s Revelation are as follows.

    1. Tremendous value for $11.88
    2. Great graphic design and art
    a. Stellar cover design
    3. Disk 1 sounds very strong. This is the Journey
    you know and love. Arnel meshes well with
    the group. The songwriting is compelling. It begs
    for repeat listenings.

    More to listen and read yet 🙂


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