Bennie Maupin – Early Reflections

A Miles Davis alumnus you want to experience who provides clarity of jazz vision is Bennie Maupin.

He’s making some great music of late. I am enjoying his jazz craftmanship a great deal as a multireedist. His latest work with The Bernie Maupin Quartet is entitled Early Reflections on Cryptogrampophone, an eclectic, creative jazz and world music entertainment label from Los Angeles.

I am including links to several reviews of Early Reflections to round out your knowledge and enhance your listening pleasure.

Yours in Jazz and Music, Edje 😉

One Reply to “Bennie Maupin – Early Reflections”

  1. A very articulate, absorbing article was written by Don Heckman (Jazz Times), who was just nominated for a Jazz Journalist Lifetime Achievement Award, deservedly so.

    Here is an excerpt of that article about Bennie Maupin from Jazz Times, June 2008 issue.


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