NIN the slip – Hey It’s Free!

It took me far too long to catch up with NIN, Nine Inch Nails. It had to do with time, inclination, false reservations, capacity, personal bandwidth and other aspects of the “grey matter” psyche that get in the path of great music being able to reach our hearts and ears.

The past two NIN recordings Ghosts I-IV and the latest recording, the slip are fascinating, soulful, introspective works of art that speak to the sensibility of the human spirit. I especially love the ambient sound of Ghosts I-IV.

I really appreciate Trent Reznor and NIN making the slip available for free download. Its exciting to receive their music direct and immediate, the download process is very streamlined, well managed and coordinated. I feel both trusted and privileged that NIN shares their music this way. There are various media forms of the spin available. I decided to get the Apple (M4A) Lossless edition and added it to my iTunes library on my MacBook Pro. The musical woven tapestry took residence in my psyche quickly by forming a strong connection via the unique sounds and electronics incorporated.

I like their wiki, the nine inch nails wiki

Explore the slip….


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