Miles from India

I literally stumbled upon this monumental collaboration, Miles from India.  As a lark I picked up a copy of All About Jazz – New York the newspaper yesterday and on the inside cover is a full page ad for the Miles from India concert at Town Hall, May 9, 2008. It really caught my eye thankfully for I have had my heart and mind opened to some fantastic music.

The cross collaboration of combining world class musicians from India with members of various Miles Davis bands over the years is an exciting project that really works. The 12 recordings cover the electric and be-bop phases of Miles Davis’s career.

I downloaded Miles from India from Zune and have been playing it avidly ever since. The musicians you will hear and groove along with are just phenomenal.  I am taken with the musicianship of Pete Cosey, Mike Stern, Benny Rietveld, Lenny White and John McLaughlin for starters. The musicians from India are impressing the heck out of me. Ravi Chary on sitar, plays such a transformational style on the track All Blues. 

I’m including a video from YouTube that Benny Rietveld mentioned to me. It gives you a sense of the joy and improvisation this recording generated.

Here is a review of Miles from India from Pop Matters.

Expand your consciousness with Miles from India, you won’t regret a single note 🙂

Live Your Light, Edje

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