Carmine Appice Coming At Ya!

Carmine Appice continues to be a significant driving force in rock, flourishing at the age of 60 . Carmine’s musical heritage as a drummer includes such luminary bands as Vanilla Fudge, Cactus (who are also on the comeback trail after 35 years), Beck, Bogert & Appice, Rod Stewart and Ozzy Osborne. (A trivia note, Carmine Appice co-wrote with Rod Stewart, the song, Do You Think I’m Sexy.)

Carmine at his drum kit

Vanilla Fudge is still active and will be celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. The group will mark that landmark occasion with two new recordings. The first CD is due out shortly, Out Through the In Door a Led Zeppelin tribute. I saw Vanilla Fudge feature several of these songs live at Toads Place in New Haven last year. I was impressed with the interpretation intermixed with Vanilla Fudge’s classic signature rock sound.  The Led Zeppelin songs obtain new textures as the evolution is sewn with new thread. Led Zeppelin was once the opening act for Vanilla Fudge way back when it all began. Carmine Appice took John Bonham under his wing and helped him shape his sound. We all know the monster drummer Bonzo became, due in large part to Appice’s mentoring.   

Rhino Records will release a four-CD retrospective box set to celebrate in fine style, Vanilla Fudge’s 40th anniversary as a recording group.

If you are a Cactus fan there is plenty of new music for you to assimilate. Cactus released a studio recording last year, Cactus V that’s a real barn burner. Cactus consists of Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert (Always a commanding, melodic bass guitarist), Jim McCarthy, lead guitar and Jimmy Kunes on vocals. If you missed their reunion sets live last year not to fret. Cactus will be releasing a two-CD live set of their performances on Rhino Records sometime this year.

Please stay tuned to the MusicOfOurHeart blog as I plan to review both the Vanilla Fudge 2007 releases and the live Cactus recording.

I encourage you to pick up the April 2007 edition of Modern Drummer magazine. Carmine Appice is the feature artist for this issue. The feature article by Robyn Flans was my inspiration for this music blog post. You can read a portion of Robyn’s article here:

Rock On!

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