Podcasters Unite! To ‘Bumrush The Charts’

The music documentary film, Before The Music Dies deals with the strangulation effect major music labels have had on the preferences of the music buying public.

We are mobilizing to show the labels that they do not control the charts. Their universe is going to change forever on March 22nd. Support our efforts and purchase Black Lab’s “Mine Again” on March 22nd from iTunes!

“Look whats happening out in the streets
Got a revolution got to revolution
Jefferson Airplane – Volunteers of America


Podcasters Unite To ‘Bumrush The Charts’
2007-03-05 10:39:37.373,
Story by: Kevin Kampwirth

On March 22, podcasters from across the globe will team up in an effort to elevate a song from an independent band to No. 1 on the iTunes sales chart. “Bumrush The Charts,” as it will be known, aims to encourage listeners, through blogs, indie labels and artists, to buy one song by one band on that particular day. The song chosen by the podcasting community for the kickoff is “Mine Again” by L.A.-based Black Lab, former major label darlings-turned-label-less crusaders.

“An important point to make, that some people on forums have not quite understood… is that the podcasting community chose the band—not the other way around,” says Neil Bearse, host of The Podsafe Revolution podcast. “The band has reached out to podcasters by allowing us to play their music, after they were jerked around by two major labels. As the RIAA et al are considering podcasters pirates and amateurs, bands like Black Lab are embracing the technology and allowing us to play their music royalty free.”

The goal of the project, according to their press release, is to “leverage the prominence of the iTunes charts to demonstrate the power of social networking and new media.” A commission from each sale of “Mine Again” will be put aside into a scholarship fund as well, and the Student Loan Network has pledged to match the first $1,000 the song takes in.



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