March 2007 – Arcade Fire

This month’s artist of the month is an indie-rock art band from Canada,

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire was featured on the April 4, 2005 cover of Time Magazine’s Canadian edition, and hailed as a band who “helped put Canadian music on the world map”.


I read their first interview in Mojo Magazine and became solidly intrigued with their potential without even hearing their music. Arcade Fire is on the launchpad for a significant breakthrough. Neon Bible is the name of their sophomore recording to be released next week. It is dark and well crafted, another masterpiece.

Arcade Fire was adopted by several music luminaries. Coldplay’s Chris Martin called Arcade Fire “the greatest band in history” while performing at a concert in Ottawa, Ontario. This seven person inferno machine creates a very sustainable frenetic energy, which engages the listener and the viewer. Watch Arcade Fire’s video of Wake Up performed with David Bowie. They will hopefully enchant and motivate you with their passionate musicianship.

Seek out Arcade Fire. Let me know your thoughts on this month’s artist.

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