Innovation Incubator

The Living Room is tucked quietly away in an alcove of New York’s lower east side. This club has fostered a whole new cavalcade of acoustic artists. This post millennium bohemia flourishes with rich talent. I a liken The Living Room scene to the jazz period of 52nd Street NYC during the 1950’s.

Norah Jones has been calling The Living Room home base for several years now. She experimented with her new songs for her 3rd recording, Not Too Late at this intimate club.

The proximity of her luxury NY City apartment building made this an ideal locale for Norah to commune with her community of artists.

Pour through the Links section on Norah Jones website to get a fuller appreciation for the acoustic artists on the rise.

My favorite artist in the series that Norah Jones is also quite fond of is M. Ward. I just got his 2002 recording Transfiguration of Victor and I am totally hooked after several listenings. M. Ward will be the opening act for Norah Jones Spring Tour(I am ticketed and will be attending). Give him a listen and go see them at a tour stop if you get the chance.

If you want to hear more about The Living Room acoustic music scene you can plug in via satellite radio with From the Living Room to the Loft on XM Radio


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